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Diseases of the Vocal Cords

Excess or improper use of the voice in association with other aggravating factors, such as smoking, excess alcohol intake and gastro-esophangeal reflux, often cause laryngeal disease, which can be either benign or malignant.
Vocal Nodule

The vocal nodules (or singers’ nodes) are thickening of both vocal cords at the point of maximal vibration. They are a common problem of voice professionals and are treated with speech therapy and voice instructions. Surgical excision is very rarely necessary.

Polyps, polypoid degeneration of vocal cords, and other benign lesions such as cysts, are treated surgically with the help of the operating microscope (microlaryngoscopy).
Proper use of voice and avoidance of smoking and alcohol abuse are the most important preventing measures for all laryngeal pathology. This applies for everybody, but especially for voice professionals. Singers and actors must realize that their larynx is their tool, and therefore they have to treat it with respect. In every abnormality of the voice or if hoarseness persists, they must consult with a specialist as soon as possible, to have endoscopic examination of the larynx, and, when indicated, stroboscopy and voice evaluation. PolypThe latter is done with the help of dedicated computer software and involves measurements of range, fluctuation of intensity and frequency, and calculation of other important parameters in the voice. Cancer of the larynx, when occupying the free edge of the vocal cord, impairs the voice early and therefore can be diagnosed when small and locally restricted. Micro-excision of small tumours of the vocal cord, either by the Laser or cold instruments, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, when indicated, usually gives an excellent final result with a high cure rate.
Leukoplakia is a whitish plaque on one or both vocal cords, which may be transformed to malignancy along its course, and therefore is considered as a premalignant condition and is treated with care.
Smoking is a known predisposing factor for both leukoplakia and cancer, and must be abandoned immediately in every case of laryngeal disease.
Given the high cure rate in early detection of laryngeal malignancy, endoscopy of the larynx by an ENT specialist is recommended in every case of hoarseness, which persists for longer than 10 days.
Polypoid Leukoplakia of the larynx Cancer of the right vocal cord.

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